What's wrong with the Internet?

The Internet is a great place. On its own it doesn't pose threats to you, as a user. However, you're not alone online, there are many other people out there, connected. And as in real life, some of the people have bad intentions. Or their intentions might be good, but they just have a different point of view, and their actions can potentially harm you.

Take your ISP for example. ISP is the Internet Service Provider, through which you're connecting to the internet. Did you know that they store information about the sites you visit? About the searches you make online? This information is stored on their servers, in some cases indefinitely. Now, of course your ISP wouldn't give this info away just to anyone. But still, this seriously compromises your privacy. You wouldn't want this info to get to the wrong hands. But it might. It happens all the time.

Hackers are another common threat. For example, when you're using public internet (in cafés, airports, libraries etc), it's fairly simple for a hacker to intercept data that is passed between you and the internet. This includes emails you send, passwords you enter online, or even credit cards.

Another common threat has to do with the fact that your IP address is exposed online. Your IP is your unique ID whenever you're connected to the Internet. It is given to you by your Internet Service Provider. When a third party gains knowledge of your IP, they can potentially hack into your computer, or gain knowledge about your actual physical address and real identity. This highly compromises your privacy online. Another problem that happens when your IP is exposed is that some websites and services will be blocked to you, because they are not available in your country.

For a complete list of online threats, please visit this page.

So, what is IPRIVO?

IPRIVO is a free software tool that enables you to use the web privately, securely and without restrictions.

When using IPRIVO, all communication between you and the Internet passes through IPRIVO servers. The result is that IPRIVO acts as your “mask” online. Your IP is kept private and all communication is encrypted. This means that no one, not even your ISP, can know which websites or services you visit. All your data, that which is stored locally on your computer, and that which is transferred between you and the Internet, is kept safe from malicious third parties.

How does it work?

IPRIVO is very easy to use. Downloading and installing the tool takes a few seconds. After installation, you will see the IPRIVO icon in the taskbar. You can switch IPRIVO on and off, with one click. No technical knowledge is needed to use this tool.

Why is it Free?

IPRIVO is a free tool. It is free because it is monetized by ads. When IPRIVO is switched on, you will see ads alongside content in the browser.