Keeps your identity private, lets you surf anonymously – no one can get knowledge of your IP, and consecutively of your real identity, name, address and other private information. This happens because you are represented by IPRIVO’s IP online, and your own IP is kept private.

Keeps your internet usage private – no one, not even your ISP, knows which websites you visit and which online services you use. This happens because all communication passes through IPRIVO servers.

Keeps data on your computer safe – since your IP is private, hackers cannot get direct access to your computer. All data that is stored locally is kept safe, including your documents, programs, stored passwords etc.

Allows secure access to the Internet via public networks: WiFi in cafes, airports, hotels, libraries, offices. Since the connection between your computer and IPRIVO is encrypted, no one can intercept your emails, passwords, credit card numbers entered during shopping etc.

Allows unrestricted access to sites and services that are closed to users in your country.

Lets you bypass censorship. Access sites otherwise blocked by your ISP or government.

Protects you from identity theft online. No one can get access to your identity and use it online, shop using your credit card, or send emails in your name.

Provides commercial-like service, totally FREE