• Completely FREE VPN
  • No registration is required
  • Installs in seconds

With IPRIVO You Can Stop Worrying About Online Privacy

When using IPRIVO, no one can know anything about your online activities. This includes websites you visit and online services you use. In addition, your physical identity is kept private. With IPRIVO you’re anonymous online, because your real IP address is kept private.

IPRIVO Protects You from Online Threats

Whether you’re connecting to the internet at home, office, or through a public connection (like an internet café or an airport) – IPRIVO protects your connection. The data that is passed between your computer and the internet stays safe and cannot be intercepted. No one can steal your passwords, credit card numbers or bank details. And your Emails, IM chats and VoIP calls are kept private from prying eyes. This is achieved by strong encryption of your internet connection.

IPRIVO Provides You with Unrestricted Access to the Internet

When using our free service, you can access otherwise blocked sites and services (like VoiP). IPRIVO unblocks restrictions based on location, censorship or firewalls. This is done by hiding your real IP.

Top Quality VPN Service, Completely Free!

IPRIVO software is 100% free. Unlike many other free VPN services, IPRIVO gives you full access, with no usage or bandwidth limitations. It is totally unlimited. In addition, IPRIVO is a very fast service. In some cases you might even experience faster speeds than connecting directly via your ISP, due to our caching and compression mechanisms.

How to Use IPRIVO VPN?

1. Download and install IPRIVO VPN, which takes seconds. No account registration is needed, the installation process is fully automatic.

2. After installation, the IPRIVO toolbar will appear in your browser (you might need to restart your browser for the toolbar to appear).

3. You can connect and disconnect using the "On" / "Off" buttons on the toolbar. In addition you can choose the server via the Server Selector on the toolbar.